DNA Testing

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Wholesomebae DNA testing is a quick, non-invasive, mouth swab test that only takes a few minutes to complete. Once results are received, I am able to identify variations within your genes. Ultimately, this provides me with insight into which holistic wellness therapies may be effective in optimizing and managing your health outcomes.

How can Wholesomebae DNA testing help you?

Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve or overcome, you want answers. With 3X4, you can find them. However big or small, fit or frail, sick or strong you are, you can get better and live the best possible life that you’re capable of.

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Diet refers to things you can start or stop eating to get better. A holistic diet is a way of eating that benefits the whole body. It’s about creating awareness around the phycology around food and prioritizes nutrients (including macronutrients and micronutrients), where food comes from (encouraging you to know the difference between labels like organic and non-GMO), associations with food (provoking a sense of wellbeing when you consume them) and relationship with food (focusing on stopping and asking yourself what your body really wants and needs).


Lifestyle refers to aspects of your life that you can stop or start doing to get improve your overall well-being. A holistic lifestyle approach centers on the idea that in order to obtain optimal health, all components of wellness need to be cared for – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There are many ways to approach your lifestyle holistically, from practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness, to eating clean and organic, drinking more water, getting and staying active, or taking up journaling or another self-reflective activity.

Organic Supplements

Supplements refer to products that you can start taking to feel better – from the inside out. While I believe in moving, eating clean, breathing, connection and purpose, I realize that these things aren’t always enough. That’s why I’ll sometimes turn to scientifically proven organic supplementation to help address your overall well-being to achieve long-lasting health.

Your genetic decoded with

Wholesomebae’ DNA testing

Your genes tell the story of you, and only you. No one else has ever had the same genetic makeup that you have. Here’s why that’s awesome – instead of doing what works fine for most, you can do what works best for you.
If you want to know the root cause of your problems, the best way to solve it, what your doctors are missing, what you’re prone to, or what you can do (or should avoid doing) right now that will benefit you in the future – the answers are already inside of you.
The clues and the cues to better health are in your unique genetic code, which we decode with DNA testing. 3X4 explains what your genes say about you, and what that means for you.

The significance of DNA testing in

a modern world

The importance of DNA testing cannot be overemphasized. It has several utilizations in many fields. By understanding and appreciating the structure and function of our DNA, it’s opened many areas of research, especially in the health and wellness industry.

DNA is thought of as an individual blueprint for the human body. DNA molecules are packaged in chromosomes, which store special genetic information of an individual’s unique sequence or arrangement of chromosomes, genes and alleles (variants to genes). This tailored patterning of genetic material is the foundation of which extraction of information about a human is formed. 

In today’s modern world, diseases and medical conditions can be interpreted and understood by extracting information from your DNA. Awareness of gene mutations, how they damage DNA or have adverse effects on the health and well-being of an individual is important to understand when assessing your overall health. By knowing your predisposed DNA structure and performing a DNA test through Wholesomebae, you can prevent certain hereditary complications or diseases, slow down any unfavorable processes passed down from birth, cure imbalances and prevent aging.

What does science say? The connection between a study investigating the significance of DNA concluded that inherited disorders are all passed on through defective DNA. For example, oxidative stress damages DNA involved in conception, showing a direct relation to infertility, or unfavorable methylation contributing to certain genes malfunctioning, resulting in depression that can be seen to be passed down from mother to child. The list goes on. This kind of information can be vital when assessing underlying health issues that can’t always be seen through the physical eye. Therefore, DNA testing is life changing.

DNA is versatile, having a wide spectrum of uses across various disciplines. The list of its uses and applications are endless, demonstrating just how important it is –especially in the modern world. It’s an undeniable fact that the discovery of DNA has positively impacted the world, helping many on their journey to learn more about alternative medicines and treatments. Such information has been beneficial in understanding epidemiology, ultimately improving our quality of life.

Wholesomebae’s DNA testing is quick, easy, painless and offers a wide range of health benefits from just a swab away. Prevention is indeed better than cure, and by knowing your body’s unique genetic code, you can take control on a cellular level and attack your health issues from within. Many doctors treat symptoms but never get to the root cause. However, by understanding your body from such a personalized standpoint, we’re able to change that by healing consciously. quicker, smarter and from within.

DNA Testing

Your GENETICS is the key to your health

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