How do you order your DNA test?

The test can be shipped directly to your doorstep. Instructions and sample collection is quick, easy and painless. 3×4 Genetics collects it from your home where it will be shipped to their laboratories. Once Alyssa receives your results you will be notified / or it can be done in person with me (dependent on location).

What is DNA testing?

Understanding your biological genetic make -up and DNA codes in a form that is easy to understand and relatable to you.

Why should I do a DNA test?

It helps prevent disease and helps one understand their probability of possibly developing or passing on a genetic disorder. Incredible anti-aging knowledge (which can save you a lot of time and money) as you are aware of exactly what to focus on / foods to eat / supplements to buy that’s tailored specifically for you.

Are you supplements organic and gluten - free?


Do I need a gym membership to do yoga?

No. Benefits of working out at home: no expensive gym fees or equipment ,privacy and comfort of your own home, workout at your own pace, no travel time

What equipment will I need?

A yoga mat and yoga block (personal preference, only if needed).

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